Option 1

  Classification Localization Phone Fax
Miracorgo Hotel 3* Av. 1º de Maio 259325001 259325006
Miraneve Hotel 2* R. D. Pedro de Castro 259323153 259323028
Residencial Clássico Hotel 2* Urbanização São Lourenço, Lote 3C 259341795 259341795
Quinta do Paço Inn 4* Arroios 259340790 259340799
Casa das Cardosas TER - TH Folhadela 259331487 259331487
Casa Agrícola da Levada TER - TH Timpeira 259322190 259326553
Quinta de S. Martinho TER - TR Mateus 259323986 259323986
Casa da Timpeira TER - TR Timpeira 259324068 259324068
Casa do Mineiro TER - TR Campeã (7km) 259979720 259372995
Casa da Cruz TER - TR Campeã (7km) 259979720 259372995
Casa da Campânia Holiday Apartments Campeã (7km) 259979720 259372995

Option 2

Gym type mattresses will be available on site of the event for those who wish to stay overnight for free. We strongly advise that bring your sleeping bag for comfort issues as overnight temperatures reached may be a bit low, depending on weather conditions. The place to stay overnight will be permanently mounted, being concentrated in one place.

Bathrooms in pavilion will be available and properly equipped, to ensure personal hygiene of all who stay overnight in mattresses.

Teams willing to stay in very unexpensive rooms may opt by one of the following possibilities:

Pousada da Juventude Youth Hostel R. Dr. Manuel Cardona 259373193 259373193
Campismo Municipal Camping Rua Doutor Manuel Cardona 259324724
Natur Water Park Camping Andrães (14km) 259309120 259371119