April 8

08:15 08:45 Registration
08:45 09:00 Welcome Session
09:00 10:00 Keynote Speaker: Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos
10:00 10:50 Manipulation and grasping
10:00 10:25 Pedro Vicente, Ricardo Ferreira, Lorenzo Jamone and Alexandre Bernardino
GPU-Enabled particle based optimization for robotic-hand pose estimation and self-calibration
10:25 10:50 Vahid Mokhtari Hassanabad, Luis Seabra Lopes, Armando Pinho and Gi Hyun Lim
Planning with Activity Schemata: Closing the Loop in Experience-Based Planning Domains
10:50 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 12:30 Walking robots
11:15 11:40 Abbas Abdolmaleki, Nuno Lau, Luis Paulo Reis and Gerhard Neumann
Contextual Policy Search for Generalizing a Parameterized Biped Walking Controller
11:40 12:05 José Rosado, Filipe Silva and Vítor Santos
Adaptation of Robot Locomotion Patterns with Dynamic Movement Primitives
12:05 12:30 César Ferreira, Joana Figueiredo and Cristina Santos
Quadruped Locomotion based on Central Pattern Generators and Reflexes
12:30 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:40 Robotics for agriculture
14:00 14:25 Filipe Neves dos Santos, Heber Sobreira, Daniel Campos, António Paulo Moreira, Raul Morais and Olga Contente
AGROB V14 - Towards a Reliable Monitoring Robot for Mountain Vineyards
14:25 14:50 Olivier Ly, Hugo Gimbert, Grégoire Passault and Gérald Baron
A Fully Autonomous Robot for Trellising the Vineyard with Centimetric Accuracy
14:50 15:15 Olga Contente, Nuno Lau, Francisco Morgado and Raul Morais
Vineyard Skeletonization for Autonomous Robot navigation
15:15 15:40 Jesus Conesa-Muñoz, Jose M. Bengochea-Guevara, Dionisio Andujar and Angela Ribeiro
The efficient distribution of a fleet of heterogeneous vehicles in agriculture: A practical approach to multi-path planning
15:40 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 17:40 Mobile robot navigation
16:00 16:25 Francisco Dias, Hanna Schaefer, Leonardo Natal and Carlos Cardeira
Mobile robot localization for indoor environments based on ceiling pattern recognition
16:25 16:50 Riccardo Levorato and Enrico Pagello
DOA Acoustic Source Localization in Mobile Robot Sensor Networks
16:50 17:15 Philipp Koch, Stefan May, Michael Schmidpeter, Markus Kühn, Jon Martin, Christian Pfitzner, Christian Merkl, Martin Fees, Rainer Koch and Andreas Nüchter
Multi-Robot Localization and Mapping based on Signed Distance Functions
17:15 17:40 Jonathan Crespo, Ramón Barber and Óscar Martínez Mozos
An inferring semantic system based on relational models for mobile robotics

April 9

09:00 10:15 Robot control
09:00 09:25 Paulo Pinheiro, Eleri Cardozo and Cláudio Pinheiro
Anticipative shared control for robotic wheelchairs used by people with disabilities
09:25 09:50 Ahmed Khalifa, Mohamed Fanni, Ahmed Ramadan and Ahmed Abo-Ismail
Controller Design of a New Quadrotor Manipulation System Based on Robust Internal-loop Compensator
09:50 10:15 Luis Gomes, Miguel Santos, Thiago Pereira and Aniko Costa
Model-based development of an Autonomous Sailing Yacht controller
10:15 10:40 Coffee Break
10:40 12:20 Path Planning - Service Robots
10:40 11:05 Carmelo Di Franco and Giorgio Buttazzo
Energy-aware Coverage Path Planning of UAVs
11:05 11:30 Sedat Dogru and Lino Marques
Energy Efficient Coverage Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots in 3D Terrain
11:30 11:55 Adrián Romero-Garcés, Luis Vicente Calderita, Jesús Martínez-Gómez, Juan Pedro Bandera Rubio, Rebeca Marfil, Luis J. Manso, Antonio Bandera and Pablo Bustos
Testing a fully autonomous robotic salesman in real scenarios
11:55 12:20 Mauricio Matamoros, Jesus Savage-Carmona and Jorge Luis Ortega Arjona
A comparison of two Software Architectures for General Purpose Mobile Service Robots
12:20 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:00 Poster session
14:00 14:05 Eduardo Moreira, Andry Pinto, Luís Rocha, Germano Veiga, Paulo Costa and Antonio P. Moreira
Evaluation of Depth Sensors for Robotic Applications
14:05 14:10 Mohamed Selmy, Mohamed Fanni and Abdelfatah Mohamed
Design and Control of a Novel Contactless Active Robotic Joint Using AMB
14:10 14:15 David Esteves, Alexandra Moutinho and José Raul Azinheira
Stabilization and altitude control of an indoor low-cost quadrotor: design and experimental results
14:15 14:20 Alexandra Moutinho, Estanislao Mateos and Filipe Cunha
The tilt-quadcopter: concept, modeling and identification
14:20 14:25 Heber Sobreira, Antonio P. Moreira, Paulo Costa and Jose Lima
Robust Mobile Robot Localization based on Security Laser Scanner
14:25 14:30 Fernando Carreira, J.M.F. Calado, Carlos Cardeira and Paulo Oliveira
Complementary Filter Design with Three Frequency Bands: Robot Attitude Estimation
14:30 14:35 João O. Barros, Vitor M. F. Santos and Filipe Silva
Bimanual Haptics for Humanoid Robot Teleoperation using ROS and V-REP
14:35 14:40 Javier Gavilanes, Roemi Fernandez, Hector Montes, Javier Sarria, Pablo Gonzalez de Santos and Manuel Armada
Instrumented Scanning Manipulator for Landmines Detection Tasks
14:40 14:45 José Prado and Lino Marques
Multi-sensor and multi-platform data fusion for buried objects detection and localization
14:45 14:50 Gonçalo Cabrita and Lino Marques
A Framework for Remote Field Robotics Competitions
14:50 14:55 Nieves Pavon, Juan Antonio López-Riquelme, Juan Jesús Pinuaga-Cascales, Joaquín Ferruz-Melero and Raul Morais Dos Santos
Cybi: A smart companion robot for elderly people. Improving teleoperation and telepresence skills by combining Cloud Computing technologies and Fuzzy Logic.
14:55 15:00 Thiago Becker, João Alberto Fabro, André Schneider de Oliveira and Luis Paulo Reis
Adding conscious aspects in virtual robot navigation through Baars-Franklin’s cognitive architecture
15:00 16:00 Coffee Break & Poster Session
16:00 17:15 Sensing and perception
16:00 16:25 Tiago Dias, Pedro Miraldo and Nuno Gonçalves
A Framework for Augmented Reality using Non-Central Catadioptric Cameras
16:25 16:50 Hamidreza Kasaei, Miguel Oliveira, Gi Hyun Lim, Luis Seabra Lopes and Ana Maria Tomé
An Adaptive Object Perception System Based on Environment Exploration and Bayesian Learning
16:50 17:15 António J. R. Neves, Alina Trifan, Paulo Dias and José Azevedo
Detection of aerial balls in robotic soccer using a mixture of color and depth information

April 10

Social Program :: Trip along Douro river and lunch at Quinta do Crasto with Douro wine tasting.

Note: The usual conference banquet will be replaced by a lunch at Quinta do Castro, in the Douro valley,
integrated in the social program on the 10th of April

Quinta do Crasto

Douro Valley

Douro Valley from Hugo Matos on Vimeo.